Milky White Vaginal Discharge: Why Does This Happen And Is It Dangerous?

Milky white-colored vaginal discharge.

Many women go through the problem of milky white-colored vaginal discharge at some time or another within their lives. The reasons for the discharge might be natural functions, however it could also be an indicator of some infectivity as well. Vaginal discharge due to infections can be identified by a colour change or its consistency that may be different from that from regular discharge. Even though the visual look associated with the discharge could help in finding out the cause of discharge, definitive analysis would need testing and microscopic examination.

Hormone imbalances – Alterations in the cervix brings about these kinds of discharge. Just before the fertility period of women, the color of discharge changes from creamy white to appear more consistent clear, similar to egg-whites. The cervix created it, responding to changes in hormone values. There can be several motives causing milky white vaginal discharge and you should go to your health care service provider to recognise the precise reason for discharge before starting any medicine.

Bacterial vaginosis infections:

Anaerobic bacteria, which are destructive, multiply and crowd away lactobacillus bacteria, which are beneficial. That leads to the secretion of milky white colored vaginal discharge that smells fishy. You should use antibiotic ointments / gels in order to clear an infection eliminating discharge caused by bacterial vaginosis. BV or bacterial vaginosis is very common and results because of imbalance inside vaginal acidity/ pH. The body’s hormones, period cycle, sexual activity and also douching all play a vital role in its growth. Natural cures for bacterial vaginosis are known to be very succesful as a cure for bv infection.

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Yeast Infection or Candida albicans.

The discharge because of a yeast infection is actually white colored and lumpy with consistency like that of cottage type cheese. These bacterial infections take place due an to overgrowth of fungi – Candida albicans that’s commonly present in a minimal amount in the vaginal region. Yeast overgrowth may be because of quite a few reasons including changes in the body’s hormones, usage of anti-biotics or even diabetes. You can aquire medicine over counter or get it prescribed by a medical professional, natural cures have also proven very successful for curing yest infections.


Trichomoniasis is an std causing creamy green/ gray coloured vaginal discharge a result of protozoan that infects the vaginal area. It might come with itchiness as well as discomfort whilst urinating. Oral antibiotics should be consumed to halt abnormal discharge.


Gonorrhea is again a sexually transmitted infection creating cloudy / yellow colored vaginal discharge. Anti-biotics should be consumed to get rid of this.

Polyps and Cancers:

Polyps on cervix/ endometrium could boost the vaginal discharge and cervical cancer also brings cellular change in cervix resulting in discharge from vagina. The discharge appears to be ordinary discharge coming from the vagina yet in greater amounts.

Vaginal discharge arises from the uterus/ vagina/ cervix. A lot of women deal with this problem, some to minor magnitude whilst others to higher extent. You need to understand your body and understand if things are ordinary or problematic. It is not dangerous at all but treatment method must be started in initial stages. You can see your Gynecologist/ care provider and have yourself analyzed. Milky white-colored vaginal discharge is completely ordinary at beginning as well as end of the menstrual period. However, in case you are also encountering some itching with it, it may require your immediate consideration because it could be a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis needing medical attention.

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