Natural Cure for BV – Prevention & Cure of Bacterial Vaginosis

BV or Bacterial Vaginosis is a sort of infection in which irritation or swelling occurs in the vagina. It normally transpires when the natural bacteria that lives in vagina begins to over grow. Many distinct symptoms occur in this condition. Most common symptom is a fish-like odor, which increases just after passing through sexual intercourse. In addition, there can also be vaginal discharge that could be milky white, yellow, or even grey in color. Other symptoms are also included such as itching and burning while urination and pain around the area or in the vagina when touched. There could be confusion between BV infection and trichomoniasis due to the similarity of these symptoms in both conditions. 

This infection is most common in females during the age when they are capable of giving birth to a child and is expected to affect between 20%-30% of women during their lifetimes. Vaginal infection occurs due to wrong lifestyle, bad eating habits, and other improper habits of females. All these reasons cause the overgrowth of vaginal bacteria which then results in vaginal infection. Most of the women take anti-biotic for curing this infection without having any knowledge about the effects of these medicines on the body. There are many methods of natural cure for BV, which may prevent the causes and symptoms of BV in a few days. It is required to have a complete knowledge about these natural treatments so that any woman can get rid of this problem.

 Natural cure for BV can help one to easily get rid of this infection. The first remedy for this infection is yogurt. One can use yogurt in many ways, such as one can eat duo cups in a day of any flavor of her choice. The second way is to use it inside the vagina. One can use this with a tampon but make sure that yogurt is plain and not flavored. One more natural cure for BV is apple cider vinegar. A woman or girl can use this for preventing vaginal infection. To use it efficiently, put one cup of this vinegar in bathing water and bathe in it for at least twenty minutes. The vinegar helps to fight against the causes of infection. 

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The next natural cure for BV is tea tree oil. By using tea tree oil, one can easily get rid of the problem of vaginal infection. The tea tree oil has some elements in it, which has anti-bacterial effects for fighting against the causes, which are responsible for vaginal infection. To use tea tree oil, put a few drops of it in bathing water and apply some tea tree oil around the vaginal area. One can also take folic acid to cure vaginal infection, which is available in pharmacy shops, but natural things are suggested as the best remedies for curing vaginal infection or bacterial vaginosis. To prevent this problem forever, one should improve her living style and eating habits. This problem can also cause due to the reason for using douching as this may cause harm to the sensitive vaginal parts. Thus, one should stop douching if she wants to get rid of vaginal problems.

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